Feb. 3rd, 2015

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After finishing up work last night, I got a migraine, yay. Who doesn't love spending 12 hours in bed? It's mostly gone but not completely, so I decided to just take the day off work to make sure it doesn't come back.

I've been making progress on my kinkmeme fills, which has been nice. The Blood of Dragons fills should be finished soon, which is exciting because I am looking forward to putting them together into one fic and seeing how much extra work needs to be done. I already realized I need to set up that it's happening alongside Adamant more, so I have a few notes about changes to make. And the two new fills finally have a start posted to them, so the prompter doesn't think I've forgotten about them.

I also have been working on The Right of Annulment a lot. Mainly writing the epilogue, because apparently this is how I roll some days when it comes to writing multi-parts. Meanwhile, chapter 1 is still not quite complete. I haven't decided if I will wait till I have the whole thing written before posting it, or if I will post as things are completed.

I also really need to work on some of my older stuff too, especially Varric's Last Tale since it really is almost all done ... except for a major portion of the next chapter to be posted.

I might try to do some of that this afternoon, since I feel like avoiding being in front of a computer for too long right now is probably a good plan.


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